How Bangladeshi companies and businessmen are helping the society

Bangladesh is developing. Local companies are the axis around which the socio-economic growth of Bangladesh revolves. Bangladesh has a chance of becoming an economic powerhouse of the world in 18 to 20 years time. Through the local companies’ increasing revenue, product development, efforts of creating employment, efforts in exporting to foreign nations, the development of the society will take place.

From automobiles to pharmaceuticals to garments, professionals work tirelessly to deliver top notch products and contribute to Bangladesh’s growing economy. Their profit is the country’s profit. Additionally, these local companies are creating a firm corporate cultural. Corporate culture is very significant to the businesses and general outlook. With the application of proper corporate culture, workers get t be more efficient, internally consistent and work together harmoniously to keep the organizations running successfully. This hidden mechanism gives individuals the opportunity of coordinating towards a common goal- the betterment of Bangladesh.

There are a good number of local private companies currently operating. The most notable Bangladeshi companies are ACI, Transcom, Beximco, Navana, Square, Orion Group and Bashundhara Group. Each one of these companies satisfies the consumers with a plethora of products and services. ACI has expanded businesses in fertilizers, livestock, fisheries, pharmaceuticals, consumer brands and commodity products. Square has businesses in toiletries, knit fabrics, spinning and runs a state-of-the-art hospital. Navana group is in real estate, construction work, and automobiles. It is the sole distributor of Toyota cars and HINO Motors. Beximco Group produces and exports textiles, garments products, ceramics and pharmaceuticals.

Because of these successful Bangladeshi companies, unemployment rate has decreased from over 35% from 1996 to less than 13% in 2012. These companies also provide many corporate career choices to the workers. Additionally, many of the top companies of Bangladesh are spending a considerable amount of their revenue on Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), which is quite important for social development and poverty reduction in Bangladesh. CSR is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community.  These companies are striving to uplift people out of poverty and do good to the society.

The mutually beneficial relationship between the country and business entities are resulting in an upward stroke of economic growth. Several of these companies export goods to foreign nations and already earned a good reputation. Bangladesh’s primary export partners are the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and India. Exports are also made secondarily to the Middle East.

With the contribution of these local companies, life of common people, the society and economy is expected to shine even further in future. In one sentence- local Bangladeshi companies are truly enhancing the country’s economy and contributing to the peoples’ welfare. 


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