Shafiul Islam - The visionary businessman

Shafiul Islam was born in 1949. One of the most successful business personalities of Bangladesh, his professional life began when he joined family business - Islam Group in 1968. He enhanced his potential by gathering valuable experience in automotive and real estate business. Islam Group was then the top business group of the country. 

He established Aftab Automobiles and Bengal Development Corporation. Shafiul Islam personally looked after the constructions of Bengal Development Corporation in the Middle East. He also took over Eastern Housing Limited, which was the biggest development company of Bangladesh in the 1980’s.

After 1996, he merged Navana Limited and Aftab Automobiles to form Navana Group. He personally maintains good relationship with the top businesspersons, politicians and military personnel of the country. His visionary leadership has made Navana as one of the top performing company in the country.


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